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The Change Starts with YOU.

Meet Dr. Boone

Dr. Jasmine Boone

LPC & EMDR Trained

Dr. Jasmine Boone is a Licensed Professional Counselor, public speaker and educator at Texas Southern University. Her academic pursuits have earned her a Bachelors and Masters of Science in Clinical Psychology as well as a Doctorate of Education in Counseling. Dr. Jasmine has served in the mental health field for over ten years and has recently founded YOU Therapy & Consultants LLC so that she may continue to serve the great people of Houston and surrounding areas. Her contributions to the talk on mental health has been highlighted Good Morning America, ABC 13 and Fox 26 and she has also served as key note speaker for companies like PepsiCo. and Phillips 66. 


No Judgement

Judgment has no place in therapy. Dr. Boone realizes that everyone has a past and we all make poor decisions at times. Her goal is not to reprimand you but rather to help you connect the dots; providing clarity into the ways in which your past experiences have impacted who you are today.

Your Story is Sacred

Dr. Boone understands that for clients, their therapist may be the only person willing to, both, hear and hold their pain. She views your story as sacred and encourages you to recognize that you have the ability to write your next chapter.


Dr. Boone believes trust is the foundation of any healthy therapeutic relationship. She aims to serve as your confidant, helping you to unfold and work through your issue at a pace that you are comfortable with.  One cannot “trust the process” until they first trust their therapist.



Individual therapy is a joint process through which clients work one-on-one with a therapist in a safe and confidential environment to explore the clients feelings, beliefs, or behaviors in a way that will inspire a desired change in their quality of life.


Couples therapy is used to treat relationship distress for couples involved in a romantic relationship. This form of psychotherapy aims to assist romantic partners gain insight into their relationship, resolve conflict, restore functioning and improve relationship satisfaction.


Trauma-Focused Therapy (or “Trauma Therapy) is a specific approach to therapy that recognizes the impact a traumatic experience has on one’s overall well-being. This type of therapy is used to explore the connection between the traumatic experience and the client’s emotional and behavioral responses. 


Would you like to book Dr. Boone for your upcoming event? If you are interested in having Dr. Boone serve as a speaker, moderator, guest lecturer, panelist or media personality click the link below to send your request and inquires. 

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